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Not sure how your large, business critical, high risk programs and projects are doing? Then check out our Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) consulting services.


We offer innovative and traditional education, training, and mentoring solutions. ProjectRx also performs program and project assessments, PROJECTRx® process and tool deployments, and provides development and support for Program or Project Management Organizations (PMOs).


Education, Training, and Mentoring

ProjectRx provides effective assessment education (i.e. the knowledge), training (i.e. applying the knowledge), and mentoring (i.e. gaining the experience). These offerings are available individually or in with our other P&PA products and services.


P&PA Education, Training, & Mentoring

Our "Program & Project Assessment (P&PA)" course is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills, processes, and techniques for effective project assessment.


CPPATM Certification

CPPATM provides recognition that our P&PA requirements for certification (i.e. P&PA training, passing the CPPATM Exam, and preparing an Assessment Management Plan) were successfully completed. CPPATM designates that an individual is able to proactively measure, assess, and manage project performance using methods representing best practices from a variety of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and a lot more.


Project Assessments, Health Checks, and Audit

ProjectRx can provide organizations with that critical independent view or second opinion by performing program and project health checks, assessments, and audits. Our services can be handled as one-time engagements, ongoing support, or something in between. We can do it all, train you in the methodology, or share responsibility while training and mentoring your staff.


P&PA Process Deployments

ProjectRx's framework integrates people, processes and tools. P&PA process deployment can be performed with or without the ProjectRx products, and can be configured for client environments.


Click here to view Framework Components.


P&PA Tool Deployments

ProjectRx has developed an integrated web-based application to manage and communicate project assessment information. The result is a balanced scorecard assessing key elements of a project, including but not limited to scope, budget, schedule, quality, benefit delivery, and risk.


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