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1. What is Program & Project Assessment (P&PA)?

2. Why is P&PA needed?

3. How do Organizational Assessments compare to P&PA?

4. Is P&PA only for IT Projects?

5. How can I stay informed about P&PA?


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6. Which SME frameworks support P&PA?

7. How does PMBOK® support P&PA?

8. How does PRINCE2® support P&PA?

9. How does COBIT® support P&PA?

10. How does PROJECTRx® support P&PA?


Click here for P&PA Framework


11. What is the PROJECTRx® Framework?

12. What are Assessment Life Cycles?

13. What are Assessment Milestones?

14. What is a Basis of Assessment (BOA)?

15. What is a Rating Methodology?

16. What is a Balanced Scorecard?

17. How is Earned Value Management (EVM) leveraged?

18. How are Best Practices facilitated?

19. What is Framework Integration?

20. What are Assessment Mechanics?


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21. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Services?

22. What Training does ProjectRx offer?

23. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Products?


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24. What is CPPATM Certification?

25. Why is the CPPATM important?

26. What are the requirements for the CPPATM?

27. Why is CPPATM Certification not offered by PMI, OCG, or ITGI?


If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, simply contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions about Program & Project Assessment (P&PA), CPPATM Certification, and our exclusive PROJECTRx® products and services.


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