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21. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Services?

22. What Training Does ProjectRx offer?

23. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Products?


21. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Services?

ProjectRx assists clients with the development and deployment of effective oversight solutions. We also perform project assessments, health checks, audits; PROJECTRx® process deployments; PROJECTRx® product deployments; and provide the corresponding education, training, and mentoring.


Ted Williams, founder of ProjectRx, has over 30+ years of subject matter expertise with the development, management, recovery, and oversight of large, strategic, and high-risk IT projects, including 10+ years audit and assessment. He was responsible for developing and deploying the highly successful project audit framework at Cendant Corporation, which was recognized as best practice. ProjectRx leverages Ted's background and experience to bring you innovative P&PA solutions to measure and assess the health of your business critical programs and projects.

22. What Training Does ProjectRx offer?

ProjectRx specializes in Program/Project Management, Risk Management, and Program & Project Assessment (P&PA). Our P&PA course options include a ½ day Executive Overview, 2 day P&PA Training, and 3 day CPPATM Certification.


As an Instructor Alliance Partner with ESI International, ProjectRx can provide ESI courses that complement our P&PA training and consulting services. We can also offer Six Sigma training and Organizational Development with our partner, MoZen, Inc.

23. What are ProjectRx's P&PA Products?

In addition to trainingl and consulting services, ProjectRx offers integrated web based tools to perform assessments, health checks, and audits. The products are used internally by ProjectRx to perform program and project assessments, and are available to clients as a web hosted solution through our partner.


It should be noted that the PROJECTRx® products are not a scheduling tool like Microsoft® Project which is used to define and track activity and resource related information associated with a project plan/schedule. PROJECTRx® Pro and Ekg utilize content similar to what is available from leading subject matter experts in the areas of project management, product development, quality management, and IT governance to measure and assess project performance relative to scope, schedule, budget, quality, and benefit delivery. It is also used for process related objectives such as risk, communication, organization, acquisition, and project administration. The result is a balanced scorecard assessing the critical elements of a program or project.


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