Integrated Web Based Assessment Solution




ProjectRx LLC utilizes an integrated web based assessment solution that supports the Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) framework. Our exclusive PROJECTRx® products offer configuration flexibility to meet SME and/or Client-specific requirements.


Our PROJECTRx® Pro and PROJECTRx® Ekg products feature seamless integration.

Web Hosting Solution

For our clients, ProjectRx can offer a flexible, cost effective Software-On-Demand solution for our PROJECTRx® Pro and Ekg products through a web hosting partner. This service includes ProjectRx support.


PROJECTRx® Pro creates and maintains project and milestone information, manages assessment reporting, and handles product administration.


Create, manage, and generate assessment information using ProjectRx's three-pronged milestone strategy:

  • Strategically placed toll gate reviews to ensure that you're on track and ready to move forward to the next phase
  • Ongoing progress and performance feedback against established baselines
  • Periodic validation of delivery and process results and expectations

PROJECTRx® Pro is also used for product administration. It includes a variety of client-specific configuration variables related to work and organizational breakdown structures, user types, screen access rights, report selection, rating elements, and reference information.


PROJECTRx® Ekg provides stakeholders with key information about your project's health (i.e. current process and delivery status, ongoing progress / performance).


Enhance your ability to provide project stakeholders with access to timely project status and performance information. PROJECTRx® Ekg utilizes assessment dashboards and trend graphs to display process, delivery, and earned value performance over time.

User-friendly report wizards help take the mystery out of interpreting delivery and earned value management data.

PROJECTRx® Ekg also provides framework information relative to various life cycles, a mapping of the PROJECTRx® components to PMBOK®, and an IOTT Dictionary to cross-reference where IOTTs (i.e. inputs, outputs, tools & techniques) are used.


We utilize our exclusive PROJECTRx® products as part of our Consulting Services.


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