See how PROJECTRx® enhances the assessment capabilities of leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)



Once requirements for the P&PA solution have been identified and an assessment model and framework constructed, an analysis of solution alternatives can be performed to see how well they support the P&PA framework.


The PROJECTRx® Solution is specifically designed to work with each SME method to leverage its strengths and mitigate its gaps.


When evaluating Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) alternatives, the following solution based questions should be asked


Should a Program & Project Assessment solution


□ Proactively integrate assessment processes, life cycles, and milestones into the project management framework? (Assessment Integration)

□ Provide appropriate content that can be used for assessment? (Assessment Content

□ Incorporate key features of an effective assessment framework based upon P&PA best practices? (Assessment Framework

□ Leverage tools and/or automation to facilitate the assessment process? (Assessment Tools / Automation)

When evaluating Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) alternatives, the following framework based questions should be asked


Should a Program & Project Assessment framework


□ Consider how the product is developed in addition to how the project is managed? (Project Management vs. Product Development)

□ Measure and assess how the project is meeting or expects to meet its scope, schedule, budget, quality, and benefit delivery objectives in addition to the effectiveness of its processes? (Process vs. Delivery)

□ Incorporate the Business Case as a prerequisite phase to support the identification, management, and validation of program and/or project benefits, in addition to the formal establishment of Benefit Management processes and delivery? (Business Case & Benefit Management)

□ Include a Basis of Assessment (BOA) to document how assessments are handled (i.e. assessment life cycle and milestone strategies, scope of effort, content, outcomes, and rating methodology)? (Basis of Assessment (BOA))

□ Leverage Earned Value Management (EVM) to validate budget and schedule results and expectations? (Earned Value Management (EVM))

□ Provide the mechanics (i.e. principles, oversight / governance, reporting, component flow, and deployment strategies) to support the assessment process? (Assessment Mechanics)

In addition to the questions listed above, other framework considerations would include the use of work breakdown structures (WBSs), assessment life cycles, assessment milestones, life cycle alignment, assessment process flow, best practice facilitation, and framework integration.

Solution Alternatives 


The following is a list of frameworks from leading subject matter experts (SMEs) that may be considered for a P&PA solution:


Project Management

  • PMBOK® 4th Edition
  • PRINCE2® 2009

IT Governance (Assessment)

  • COBIT® 4.1

 Program & Project Assessment (P&PA)

  • PROJECTRx® 2011


PMBOK® and PRINCE2® are the leading global project management standards.


COBIT® is an assessment framework for IT (Information Technology) governance, and as such contains limited project management content (at a macro level). It is included because it provides an effective assessment model and rating methodology.


PROJECTRx® can be used in combination with the SME frameworks, as a stand-alone solution, or with client-specific methodologies. To learn more about how PROJECTRx® can significantly enhance assessment capabilities, please contact us.


PROJECTRx is a registered trademark and service mark of ProjectRx LLC.

PMP and PMBOK are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PRINCE2 is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (UK). COBIT is a registered trademark of the IT Governance Institute. 

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