Proactive Mitigation of Delivery Risks


Business Problem 


The Business Problem - Project Delivery


The business problem being addressed by Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) is program and project delivery. Research and surveys from leading subject matter experts (SMEs) report that approximately fifty percent (50%) of projects fail to meet their objectives.


Impact of Delivery Issues 


The impact from delivery issues is that the products and services the projects are intended to deliver can be significantly late, over budget, of less scope, of less quality, and/or not realize planned benefits.


The strategic and financial impact that delivery issues may impose on a program or project can be staggering. Conversely, project delivery also represents an opportunity to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, and/or organizational effectiveness.


Positive Trends in Project Management 


The following are a few of the positive trends occurring in project management:

  • The ongoing evolution of project management standards such as PMBOK® and PRINCE2®
  • The number of organizations that view project management as a core competency
  • The number of experienced and certified project management professionals
  • The introduction and evolution of application development methodologies


The Challenge 


The challenge is that while there continue to be positive trends, the delivery gap has not closed beyond that of a "coin flip". What is lacking are alternative risk mitigation solutions that provide the standards, products, and services to improve the measurement and assessment of project performance - the first step to improving delivery results.


The Opportunity - Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) 


When properly planned and executed, Program & Project Assessment (P&PA) can assist organizations with meeting delivery commitments by providing timely performance feedback, such that proactive measures can be put into place to address shortfalls before they become larger issues.


P&PA consists of the structured evaluation of one or more project subject matter areas where performance is measured and assessed against established baselines. The assessment approach can be centralized or decentralized, formal or informal.


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