Our P&PA Solution Started with Requirements




The requirements for Program & Project Assessment (PP&A) can be expressed in terms of the solution and the framework.


Solution Considerations


A P&PA solution should include Assessment:

  • Integration - does the solution integrate assessment?
  • Content - does the solution have content that can be used for assessment?
  • Framework - does the solution incorporate key features of an effective assessment framework?
  • Tools/Automation - does the solution leverage tools and/or automation to facilitate the assessment process?


Assessment Framework 


The P&PA framework should incorporate key features of an effective assessment framework based upon best practices. Key features include:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) - how hierarchical components (i.e. life cycles, milestones, projects, ratings, etc) will support the P&PA framework 
  • Assessment Life Cycles - how assessment content will be defined, maintained, and aligned to life cycles from leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Assessment Milestones - how assessment scope will be defined, maintained, and used to capture results
  • Basis of Assessment (BOA) - documents the core assumptions and methodology for how assessments will be handled
  • Balanced Scorecard - ensures a balanced and objective assessment perspective
  • Assessment Process Flow - depicts the assessment workflow
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) - the basis for validating schedule and cost performance vs. established baselines, and used for trend analysis
  • Best Practice Facilitation - how best practices identified during assessment milestones will be leveraged for future programs and projects
  • Assessment Mechanics - areas of assessment support relative to the principles, oversight/governance, reporting, and deployment

P&PA Solution Design 


In response to the P&PA solution and framework requirements identified  above, ProjectRx LLC developed the PROJECTRx® Model and Framework. To learn more about P&PA requirements or the PROJECTRx® Solution Design, please contact us.


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